Gatepay India is an Indian Subsidiary of Gatepay Global INC. The reason we have our local operations so that our merchants can physically interact, do background business verification checks & sign Indian Non-Judicial Agreements so they can have peace of mind. Our Indian HQ is in Kolkata, while we are soon coming up with front-desk office at New Delhi. Though we have resellers in New Delhi & Jaipur. You may contact them or meet them for queries.

After you successfully fill-up the merchant application & furnish the listed required documents. Our Risk Team starts analyzing your business, so we can come with our best rates to offer you. Then we send you the Merchant Agreement, which you sign & send it back to us. After that you need to Wire us the Application Fees. Once we receive the Application Fees, we will send you Welcome Email which includes how you can process payments. The time to process for Gatepay staff for one application is mere 3 Hours. So most of the time clause depends upon the Applicant's response time.

Our Pre-Sales Team is available on +91 7982277138. Our Risk Team & Merchant support team is only available on Skype or Email Sales at

4.95% is our minimum MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) which we can offer. The MDR clearly depends upon the application filled by the merchant & the risk factor involved in it. However our Maximum MDR is 14.95% i.e. you get 85.05% of your Sales.

You can choose from Monthly, Fort-Nightly to Weekly options. If you process more than $2'000 a day, you can also receive daily payouts. You will need to qualify for the Daily Payout. Even if you apply for Daily Payouts, for the first 30 Days our Risk Team Accesses your account on Sales - Chargeback Ratio. Once we get the estimation above $14'000 a week & less 2% Chargebacks, we provide you daily payouts.

According to the business risk, there is Roll-Over Reserve between 5% - 10%. Businesses maintaining the Chargeback/Return Ratio can also over-ride Roll-Over Reserve Clause. Usually the hold period is similar to payout period i.e. if you choose weekly then it is post 1 week's hold & if you choose daily then it is post 1 day's hold.

Apart MDR, there is only Transaction fees depending upon the mode of payment you chose i.e. if you chose VISA then you pay a certain fee ($5 - $10) of all your sale to VISA Global. This will be mentioned on the payment page & not included in the checkout price. At the time of Payout, Account Maintenance Fees & Wire Fees are also deducted from your account. *AMF & Wire Fees are subject to bank however they are usually around $80 to $100 in total.

Yes, we eliminate PSP (Payment Service Providers), MSP (Merchant Service Providers) & Third Party Payment Processors. Our API enables you to directly process with the bank. Less middle parties, lower risks, better rates.


Your customer will see your business name & 10 digit toll free number on their payment statements. GatePay India will not appear on their payment statements.

There is no initial deposits, however there is Application Fees of $500, out of which $200 have to be paid at the time of Merchant Agreement signing & rest $300 will be deducted from the first payout. Application Fees should be only received from the account you wish to get paid to.

Yes, we do have ChargeBack Protection Program wiz you will get notified 12 - 36 Hours before a customer's Chargeback is being processed. You will either to Refund the Transaction or Fight the Chargeback. Since most of the High-Risk Industry has MOTO / Card Absent Environment charges, we recommend our Merchants to quickly refund the customers than fighting a difficult chargeback. Many of our Merchants have maintained below 1% Chargeback following our guidelines while processing above $1'000 daily.

Following documents are required to process the merchant application: - [ ] Scan Copy of Director’s/Partner’s/Owner’s ID Proof - [ ] Scan Copy of Director’s/Partner’s/Owner’s Address proof - [ ] Scan Copy of Business Docs/MOA/AOA/Trade License - [ ] Scan Copy of Director’s/Partner’s/Owner’s Passport - [ ] Scan Copy of Bank Statement of past 3 month for Depository Account - [ ] Scan Copy of Cancel Check for Depository Account - [ ] Scan Copy of Recent Utility Bill - [ ] Processing statement of last 3-6 month (If available) - [ ] Filled attached Application Form